FEE STRUCTURE 2018 - 2019

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Grade Tuition Fee(AED) Term I Term II Term III
FS1 20365 8145 6110 6110
FS2 23959 9583 7188 7188
YEAR 1 23959 9583 7188 7188
YEAR 2 27552 11020 8266 8266
YEAR 3 27552 11020 8266 8266
YEAR 4 31146 12458 9344 9344
YEAR 5 31146 12458 9344 9344
YEAR 6 31146 12458 9344 9344
YEAR 7 40297 16119 12089 12089
YEAR 8 40297 16119 12089 12089
YEAR 9 40297 16119 12089 12089
YEAR 10 40297 16119 12089 12089
YEAR 11 40297 16119 12089 12089


    • Due dates for payment of fees :
        • Term One: 12th Aug 2018.
        • Term Two : 2nd December 2018.
        • Term Three: 3rd March 2019.
    • Payment Methods :
          • Cash
          • Credit Card
          • Cheques should be made in favor of “Star International School”.
          • Wire Transfer to .
        Account Name:  Star International School
        Account No: 1022-025237-001
        IBAN No: AE42 0460 0010 2202 5237 001
        Bank Name: United Arab Bank
        Branch name: King Faisal Street Branch, Sharjah
        Swift Code: UARBAEAA

        Please send us the transfer advice to enable us to follow up on your payments.

        • Registration Fee of AED 500/- is collected for all year groups for all new enrolments. This is one-off payment, non-refundable and non-redeemable from the tuition fees.
        • Two Post-dated cheques for the 2nd and 3rd installments MUST be paid to the school along with the cash/cheque for the Term One during the 2nd week of August. In case of Cash payment, the cheque will be kept as security deposits.
        • Kindly note that the failure to pay the fees on time could result in the removal from the roll / loss of your child’s place. Please contact the Administration/ Accounts immediately if you are facing any difficulty with meeting the payment deadlines.
        • A Re-Registration fee is collected during the end of first term of every School year as a deposit to confirm reservation of a place for the next academic year. Failure to pay the fee might jeopardize your children’s place. This fee is non-refundable but redeemable against the next year Term 1 fee.
        • Cheques being returned by the bank for any reason will incur an administrative fee of AED 250/- and cash only will be accepted from such parents in the future. It is the cheque holder’s responsibility to ensure that the cheque has been signed and filled correctly.
        • The School will not hold cheques for any reason. All cheques will be deposited into the school account on time. In case the Parents wants the School to hold the cheque for any reason, A written approval from the Principal must be obtained and period of holding the cheque shall not exceed more than two weeks.
        • Fine for returned Cheque-AED 100 Fine for bounced cheque-AED 250 Postponing the Cheque for 1 week(5 working days) will be 100Dhs and any subsequent working days after that will be charged @25Dhs per day. (Subject to the Principal’s approval ).

      Discount Policy

      Sibling Discount: If more than one child takes admission from a family of the same parents, then the second child gets 10% discount, third child onwards will get 20%. Discount will be applicable for the lowest fees with following conditions and will be implemented strictly starting September 2017.

      • The sibling discount is valid only for those who have paid all the school fees on or before the due date.
      • The discount is to be reflected on the last instalment payment. If any of the payments are late, sibling discount will be revoked.
      • If the cheque is dishonored due to insufficient fund, the discount will be revoked.
      • The discount will not be eligible for late admission students and it will be applicable only from the beginning of ensuing academic year.
      • The student will not be entitled to avail more than one discount.
      • We will NOT be offering any special discount to any organization (like UOD, Emirates etc.,).


  • Tuition Refund Policy: Notice of student withdrawal and application for a tuition refund at the request of the parent/guardian must be made in writing to the school Principal atleast a month in advance.
    KHDA regulations govern the school tuition refund policy:

    • Students withdrawal prior to the start of the academic year
      If the request for withdrawal of a student is initiated by the parent/guardian, the balance of the first term fee paid is refunded except the AED 500 registration fee.
    • Student withdrawal during the school term
      Fees will be charged for one full month if a student attends school for two calendar weeks or less.
    • Fees will be charged for two full months if a student attends school for more than two calendar weeks and less than one calendar month.
    • Fees will be charged for three full months if a student attends school for more than one calendar month and less than six calendar weeks of the term.
    • Fees will be charged for the entire school term if a student attends school for more than six calendar weeks.
    • If the withdrawal is at the end of first or second term one month extra fees will be collected to compensate the revenue loss as the place may remain vacant in the particular class for the rest of the academic year. It will be applicable to all the transfer whether within or outside UAE.

School timings

7.20am        Doors open
7:40am         Registration
1.00pm        End of the day (Foundation Stage)
2.30pm        End of the day (Primary and Secondary)
When the doors open at 7.20am, FS1  parents are welcome to take their child to their classroom to settle down. The class teacher will meet children in the classroom; if you wish to meet or chat with the class teacher and it will take longer than a quick couple of sentences then please leave until the end of the day. The class teacher can then chat with you in more detail and offer quality time to you. Parents with children in FS2 to Year 11, please allow children to go to classrooms independently. At the end of the day, children are collected from their classrooms or meeting point. If you are running late, please contact reception so that a message can be given to the class teacher.
7.40am          Welcome to Classroom
7.55am          National Anthem and Registration for ALL children.
8.00am         Phonics
8.30am         Continuous Provision
10.10am        Snack and Playtime
10.40am       Curriculum Time
1.00pm         End of the school day. Please note, ECAs are NOT offered to children in FS
7.40am       Welcome to Classroom
7.55am       National Anthem and Registration
8.00am      Session 1 Begins
8.55am       Session 2
9:50am       Snack and Playtime – Cereal Bar or Fruit only
10.10am      Session 3
11.05am      Session 4
12:00pm    Lunch and Playtime
12.40pm    Session 5
1.35pm       Session 6
2.30pm      School activities/PSHE/ Moral Education
2:45pm      End of school
3:00pm      After-school activities


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